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The Powerful Role of Social Media in the Canadian Election

Canadian election
With less than a week to go, the final stretch of the 2015 Canadian election campaign trail is among us. Similar to every election, Canadian political leaders have ramped up their marketing efforts the last month to try to clinch onto any voters who are still unsure on who to vote for.

But unlike most previous elections, social media has played a large role in this year’s campaigns, for both the candidates and voters.

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3 Questions About Marketing To Millennials You Should Be Asking But Aren’t

Part 2 Millennials

You can have the best content in the world that is targeted to millennials but it will only be effective if your content is published where your audience is and provides immediate value. When looking at the landscape of how to reach millennials, it’s important to know the lay of the land. As we discussed in a previous post, it starts with understanding the anatomy of a millennial:

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Unlock the Success of Influencer Marketing Through the 4 ‘A’s

influencer marketing 4as

Earth is flat and exists at the centre of our Galaxy…

If someone taught you this in school hundreds of years ago, no one would bat an eye. However, if this was taught today, our smartphones would prove them wrong before the chalk hit the floor.

The four ‘P’s of the Marketing Mix (Product, Price, Promotion, Place) is one of the oldest marketing theories still enforced. It hasn’t faded from our textbooks and acts as the foundation for many marketing plans. Is it wrong? Not necessarily. Is it due to be updated? Absolutely.

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How to: Influencer Marketing Guidelines for Pharma

pharma marketingThe Pharma industry has been working with new and different marketing styles since its inception, testing the limits and finding out what works. Known for their use of Pharmaceutical reps and TV advertising, they now enter the new age of “influencer marketing.”

As a highly regulated industry, Pharma has many more rules than most industries when it comes to marketing. For other industries, a brand chooses an influencer who has a substantial and authentic following, complements the brand’s identity, and also has a desired audience demographic that the brand aims to reach. With Pharma, that becomes more complicated.

Recently, Kim Kardashian spoke out about her morning sickness by featuring a brand name drug to treat the common pregnancy side-effect on her Instagram account. The post immediately received negative responses leaving the marketing world with many questions on approaching influencer marketing.

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How To Increase Your Response Rate With Influencers

response rate with influencers

You’ve read our recent post on What is Influencer Marketing and saw the potential of doing an influencer campaign. And you have done your research on the dos and don’ts. You’ve even gone as far as to build a list of influencers that check off all the right boxes for your brand.

But now you’re stuck. You don’t know how to approach an influencer so they can’t help but say yes to partnering.

You aren’t the only one that had an epiphany about influencer marketing, tons of other brands are jumping on this opportunity. And it is obvious why when 61% of US consumers have made a purchase based on a blog post. So chances are, other brands may be reaching out to some of the same influencers as you. Or maybe they aren’t, but wouldn’t it be great to get to the cream of the crop of influencers before your competitors do? In either case, you don’t want your email (or whatever method of communication you choose) to get overlooked or deleted because it didn’t stand out.

So, now that you have found the ideal influencers, what do you do next?

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