Systems Engineer

Systems Engineer

Develop the world-class infrastructure to support our production software system and contribute to the DevOps culture that maintains it

  • Build capacity with cloud hosting providers while analyzing performance and cost to align with company objectives
    • Experience with cloud hosting through amazon, google app engine, heroku, rackspace or similar
  • Introduce and integrate new technologies into existing data center environments
    • Maintain inventory, versioning and applicable licenses
  • Security
    • Perform routine audits of systems and software; and installing software upgrades and security patches, and monitoring for intrusion signs;
    • Troubleshoot any reported problems, and report issues to Quality Engineering/ Product Management
  • Performance
    • Establish baselines for System capacity using load-balancing caching and queueing techniques for horizontally scaled systems
    • Tracking system capacity (CPU, memory, disk space, etc.) and reporting issues to Quality Engineering/ Product Management
    • Establishing the product baseline metrics for system performance/efficiency, formulating targets, and compiling recommendations on how to improve performance.
  • Understand which processes are CPU, I/O or Network resource consuming tasks
  • Understand that assumptions of system behaviour need quantitative proof


  • University degree in math, computer science, engineering or applied science or applicable experience
  • Internetworking guru
  • Understanding of systems engineering methodology and practices
  • Experience in the life cycle of software projects and products
  • General Awesomeness


  • Self starter and team contributor
  • Good communication, interpersonal and leadership skills.
  • Experience coordinating effort with product management, software development, security, IT management, and customer service to resolve issues
  • Aptitude for learning new technologies, as well as excellent conflict resolution and decision-making skills, as those will be crucial to the position.


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