Software Developer (Python)

This exciting position offers you the opportunity to be on the forefront of software development as you build the next generation of the InNetwork platform.

Location: Halifax, NS

Job Description

  • Start-up software development environment. This is a multi-faceted position that involves all aspects of Software Architecture, Engineering and Programming.
  • Build and maintain high-performance, fault-tolerant, scalable distributed software systems in context of real-time searches and social data
  • Solve ‘big-data’ problems; actually build the real software behind the buzzwords
  • Compensation includes a competitive salary plus options.

Skills and Requirements

  • Have a passion for making professional quality software, and need a fun place to do that.
  • Take an active role to determine requirements, understand implementation plans and fulfill quality requirements using agile software development practices.
  • Have a pragmatic, professional approach to software development.
  • Proficiency in Python but have experimented with several different types of technology and are not married to one technology stack. Java/C++/Ocaml/Ruby/Assembler developers ready to learn new tricks are always welcome.
  • Strong “big data” algorithm skills; experience with data structures, asynchronous programming, caching, & threading
  • Experience with distributed NoSQL databases and Relational persistence (postgresql, mysql, etc)
  • Experience with HTML5/CSS/jquery and AJAX patterns. Familiarity with the new-fangled frameworks like angular or bootstrap3 would be a great asset.
  • Experience with REST API implementations that integrate with 3’rd party data providers
  • Experience with Git, or similar source version control systems
  • Linux (ubuntu or centos distros) experience
  • Excellent time management and prioritization skills; ability to prioritize and manage competing tasks simultaneously in a fast-paced, time-sensitive environment

Company Description

Consumers are influenced by friends, bloggers, industry experts, journalists, and from people we share interests and values with.  People are forming relationships on-line and are frequently influenced by them on decisions related to what they consume. This is a growing trend fueled through easy access to information and social media.

InNetwork aims to be the platform for brands, marketers and influencers to collaborate and execute influencer social media outreach programs. Through an exhaustive global network of influencers, search capabilities and workflows, allows communications professionals to easily create, execute, monitor, and measure social media outreach campaigns.


You can email your resume, portfolio and cover letter to us at

innetwork is located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Innetwork – 1533 Barrington St Suite 302 Halifax, NS, Canada, B3J 1Z4