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Build Your Profile

Tell us who you are, your interests, which brands you have worked with in the past and what type of campaigns you are interested in. By linking your social networks, and using keyword tags, you improve your relevancy ranking in searches. Build your profile and your reputation with endorsements.

Get Discovered

Marketers and brands search our exclusive vetted network using filters to find influencers like yourself, whose passions, styles, and content matches with theirs. We'll help you get found and provide you with tips to build lasting relationships with the brands you love.


Last but not least is the fun part! Collaborate, get briefed, be rewarded, keep track of your deliverables using our project calendar, and stay in touch.


Q. What is an influencer anyway? And how can I become one?

An influencer is simply a person who is widely known for creating and/or curating awesome content around a topic area, and as a result has amassed a number of followers. For example you could be a subject matter expert and create How-To videos on Youtube or be a photographer who shares your pictures on Instagram. Whether you have 500 followers or 50,000 followers, if you have a loyal and engaged group that counts on you for awesome content and expertise, then you are an 'influencer'. In our industry you will often hear the terms: "content creator", "social media influencer", "content curators", "tastemakers", "bloggers" and so on, which are used interchangeably.

Q. Can anyone join InNetwork?

Not quite. Before your profile is added to our network you must pass our screening process. We have a team of influencer analysts who vet each influencer for quality, credibility, authenticity, and engagement, and brand worthiness. Basically we need to make sure that you are a real person, that your followers aren't fake, and that your content is appropriate.

If you do not pass our vetting process we will notify you explaining why. Your profile will still be alive within the network, however your status will not read "vetted".

Warning: We reserve the right to flag profiles who distribute inappropriate content or who have not fulfilled their campaign commitments without a good reason.

Q. If I accept payment for sponsored content won't my audience think I'm selling out?

Maybe, if you suddenly start plastering ads all over your social feeds. We certainly can't stop you from doing this but we can encourage you, and brands, not to do this. Instead of just pushing messages in front of your audience, try to collaborate together to create content that you and your audience will love. You should not compromise your integrity or standards. Use this opportunity to boost your ideas. The way we see it, sponsored content is a growing trend, it is unavoidable, but we feel that it is a much better way of advertising than flashy annoying pop-ups. As long as it is honest, and that people know what they are consuming is sponsored and by who, then sponsored content can open up new doors for you as an influencer, and for brands.

Q. Do I have to work with every brand that approaches me through InNetwork?

Absolutely not. We encourage you only to work with the brands and on the campaigns that interest you and your audience. Turning down a brand will not hurt your chances of getting other offers.

Q. My Inbox is constantly being spammed with offers from brands wanting sponsored posts, will my InNetwork inbox become filled with the same?

We cannot guarantee that it will not however we have taken steps to prevent it. Some influencer tools allow marketers to send mass messages to prospective influencers saving them time. Although we can appreciate that they want to save time, in our experience this just leads to low response rates and low quality collaborations. We encourage marketers to get to know each prospective influencer before they pitch them to make sure that there is a good fit for the campaign. These best practices have been baked right into our platform, there is no "send to all" button.

Q. How do I get paid?

Terms of payment are usually agreed upon between the influencer and the brand before a project is started and the project scope is signed. In our experience Paypal is the most popular method to pay influencers, and soon it will be integrated into the InNetwork platform.

Q. How long is a campaign?

Campaigns come in all shapes and sizes. They can be as simple and short as creating buzz around a new release by sharing a link across social channels, or as multifaceted as documenting an experience in a new country. You may work with a brand only once for a few weeks, or you may develop lasting relationships with them and work on projects together over the course of a full year. There are no rules!

Q. How do I improve my chances of being selected for campaigns?

Influencer campaigns really come down to fit, timing, and budget. The best way to maximize your chances of being invited to participate in the campaigns that interest you is to make sure you get found. That's where InNetwork steps in. Being part of our exclusive network sets you apart from the rest and allows you to customize your profile to include the categories, keywords, networks, and campaigns you are looking for. Marketers search for potential partners using these search filters and organize campaign participants into rosters. You will be notified when a marketer adds you to their roster so that you can take full advantage. We also recommend that you connect with them on social to show interest.

Q. What networks are supported on InNetwork?

Currently we can provide you with audience analytics for your Twitter account and blog, and you can add your Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, Linkedin, Tumblr, Vine, Snapchat, and Flickr accounts which total to make your InNetwork score. Don't see your favourite network listed? Give us a shout to let us it's missing.