The Benefits of Being an InNetwork Influencer

Influencers use the InNetwork Marketplace to increase their visibility to large brands, and to facilitate working with marketers.

Join an Exclusive Network of Quality Bloggers

ClaireNot everyone can join InNetwork. We verify that each influencer is dedicated and has a real audience. This means your profile is not hidden in a mess of spam.

Get Fair Compensation For Your Work

At InNetwork, you have the opportunity to negotiate campaign terms. This ensures you get what you deserve.

Expose Your Profile to Leading Marketers

Top Agencies and brands will be able to see your social profiles and blogs, read your bio and get a glimpse of how you can work together.

Facilitate the Conversation and Get Relevant Campaigns

Marketers find you through relevant data that match your audience and blog. Also, message marketers inside the tool – no emails!

We Are Here to Help

Our team of Influencer Relationship Managers are here to help you and coach you through the process.


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