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InNetwork Board Chair: Gerry Pond

Gerry Pond

After an interview featuring him in Canadian Business this month, and after being named the inaugural BDC Entrepreneurship Champion in March 2015, it’s about time that we take some time to talk about Gerry Pond, ICT legend, entrepreneurship and community leader, and Chair of InNetwork’s Board of Directors.

As Gerry explains to James Cowan of CB, he grew up in the Information and Communications Technology sector working at NBTel and has learned to recognize the evolution of technology. When it became very clear that social media was going to change the direction of communications, he and his Mariner Partners become founding investors in Radian6, a social media monitoring platform that sold to Salesforce in 2011 for $326 million. Around the same time he sold Q1 Labs, and Internet security firm to IBM for something like $800 million (unconfirmed).

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Influencer Marketing Reaches Primetime with Budweiser & FIFA 2014

photo credit: Celso Flores via photopin cc

photo credit: Celso Flores via photopin cc

It’s the Holy Grail in influencer marketing – a big brand like Budweiser, Sponsor of the 2014 FIFA World Cup, is sending influencers to the biggest event in the world this summer.

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InNetwork Inc. takes on the Influence market with CDMN

Soft-Landing Program helps Canadian companies go global

Halifax, January 2, 2014 – InNetwork Inc. ( will participate in the Canadian Digital Media Network’s (CDMN) Outbound Soft-Landing Program to help forge the partnerships and connections it needs for international expansion.

image001 (1)InNetwork helps marketing and PR professionals manage relationships with influencers, bloggers, and social media consumers more effectively, in order to propel and expand on their existing content marketing strategies.

There are major trends happening in the marketing landscape that show increased importance in social media advertising and blogger relations. Many US agencies and brands are putting significant budget in digital marketing, and spending more time with influencer relations. InNetwork seeks opportunities in the US for investors that are interested in the digital marketing landscape, and to further expand relationships with leading brands and agencies that are pioneers in the influence marketing landscape.

“We are thrilled to be selected for The Soft Landing Program as it helps us accelerate our US market entry. I plan to spend a lot of time on planes heading to New York and San Francisco over the next few months” Chris Keevill Co-founder and CEO, InNetwork.

CDMN’s Soft-Landing Program helps mature startups and SMEs kickstart their international growth by helping them access a foreign market. For a period of up to three months, the participating company can take up residence in a partnered facility that provides the regional support required to help grow its business, as well as receiving up to $4,000 in travel and hotel costs.

“The Soft-Landing Program has already resulted in millions of dollars in new business and investment for our participating companies and generated more than a 30x return on CDMN’s investment of funds and resources,” said Kevin Tuer, CDMN’s Managing Director. “International expansion is more important than ever as a driver of wealth and job creation for the Canadian economy. Our success to date demonstrates the tremendous impact that even a modest investment in global business development can have.”

The Outbound Soft Landing Program runs three times a year and companies must meet a range of criteria, including having a technology product or service that is market ready and has foreign market potential. CDMN also operates an Inbound Soft Landing Program for non-Canadian companies looking to break into the Canadian market. For more information, please visit

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About InNetwork Inc.

InNetwork’s Influence Marketplace helps marketing and PR professionals reach their customers online. A pioneer in Influence Marketing, InNetwork aims to help its customers streamline complicated marketing processes, and launch campaigns that people really love.

Media contact:

Chris Keevill

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Birth of a Baby Girl: InNetwork Beta Launch

innetwork beta launch

photo credit: dizznbonn via photopin cc

As expected, it was a mad dash to the InNetwork beta launch, fraught with real life drama, tension, fear of failure, and near panic. The tool was not performing well a few days before the launch but everyone dug in and pulled it off with flair and style. In the end, at the white-knuckle demo for our client, everything went smoothly. “It’s a beautiful thing,” said our client, and we all agreed.

After 9 months, a social media start-up is born. What started as an idea, which had been floating around in our minds, is now a real live baby girl. And a pretty baby she is.

We are excited at the launch of Beta, the new influencer outreach platform for marketers and influencers. We are thrilled with our first partner agency and their first brand client, a global financial services company. Some of the influencers in our network have already been approached and have accepted to engage in the very first campaign. We look forward to many more opportunities in the coming weeks, months and years.

I loved the client comments while we went through our demo on Day 1. “I wish I had this 5 weeks ago while I was building those campaigns!” It almost brought a tear to my eye.

The Beta clients that are lined up are particularly interested in the platform’s audience data. Other methods of finding influencers leave the marketer with limited data that provides only a broad sketch of the influencer’s profile. InNetwork goes deep into influencer profiles and further yet in targeting their audience through data that includes audience demographic, interests and even the location of where an influencer’s followers live. This data simply does not exist in any other tools.

We want to make it easy; taking out the guess work, the leg work, and the need for clumsy spreadsheets. We also want the exercise to be fast. Our goal is to allow a marketer to create a campaign, search and select an influencer roster, engage with those influencers and launch the campaign … all in a few hours. These tasks would typically take a week to complete.

Beginning a few months ago, we took our idea to leading marketers and asked for their feedback. The ideas came quickly from these people who knew all to well the challenge associated with influencer outreach. Many of their ideas were designed into the tool and we are very proud of the success from our co-creative process.

What is Next for InNetwork

Over the next several months we will execute campaigns through our line up of agency partners and their clients to pressure test the tool. The exercise will help us further tune the workflow and capabilities. Surprisingly, it seems we are further ahead then originally planned. The brands that are currently getting ready to execute campaigns include a few consumer food products, electronics, beverage alcohol, and possibly a new consumer gaming console.

Our network of influencers is continuing to grow to the point where most Canadian social influencers have been identified with their profile and audience data loaded into the system. Our team of influencer-relationship-managers (IRMs) has grown to 5 hearty individuals and our attention is now turning the US network over the summer.

This baby really is pretty and we are pretty certain that her future is looking bright. Thanks to all the people that have helped to contribute to the InNetwork beta launch.

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InNetwork Secures $490,000 in Venture Capital

Something social is brewing in Halifax and Toronto, and it’s got at least one big name from the East Coast startup scene attached to it.

InNetwork Inc. is set to launch out of offices in both cities, the company said in a news release Thursday. It said its platform will help marketers strategically select people and publishers who can spread a campaign through social networks. The tool then builds and executes a marketing campaign and also manages any payments involved in the process, the company said.

InNetwork already has investors and will announce its first round of venture capital financing soon, according to the news release.

The startup has snagged Gerry Pond to chair its board of directors. Pond was a founding investor in hot East Coast startups Radian6 (a Fredericton, N.B. firm bought by in March 2011 in a deal worth $326 million) and Q1 Labs (another company with Fredericton roots acquired by IBM one year ago).

InNetwork co-founders Chris Keevill and Duri Alajrami both hail from Colour, an agency providing marketing, public relations, digital and translation services out of offices in Halifax, Toronto, Moncton and St. John’s. Keevill is still listed on Colour’s Web site as its president and CEO while Alajrami is listed as president of Colour Social, a new social media-based division launched in May.

InNetwork’s third co-founder, Craig Rennick, was formerly vice-president of sales at FloNetwork (acquired by DoubleClick in 2001) and co-founder of Fortiva (acquired by Proofpoint in 2008).

*This article first appeared on Innovacorp*

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