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Top 7 Creative Halloween Treats


Halloween treats

With Halloween fast approaching, party planners have been flocking to Pinterest looking to uncover creative, simple, and spooky snacks to serve their costume-clad guests. Bloggers themselves have not been slacking, preparing their recipes in time for the treat focused “holiday”. These bloggers have successfully managed to channel hyper-creativity and tastiness into their spooky and sweet snacks this Halloween season. We’ve uncovered our list of the top 7 simple-to-make and creative Halloween treats for you to impress guests with on this All Hallows Eve.

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10 Top DIY Craft Bloggers

Dive into Spring with some new DIY ideas and inspirations


Photo Credit: Paper and Stitch

Everyone has that one friend that as much as you love them, it’s exhausting trying to keep up with their constant little crafty creations that you can never find the time for. They continue without fail to impress everyone at parties with their clever and crafty decorations and gift ideas. Ever wonder their secret? How they possibly come up with all those creative ideas? How they have time to make everything look so perfect?


All you need is a little bit of inspiration and DIY tutorials to get you started! So for all you creative minds out there, we guarantee that you’ll love our top 10 favourite DIY craft bloggers.

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Top 10 Influential Clean Eating Food Bloggers – Spring 2015


Photo Credit: The Minimalist Baker

Spring Cleaning = Clean Eating

Stuck in that winter rutt? Don’t worry you’re not alone. In case some of you haven’t been following the weather on the East coast, our hopes for an early Spring were dashed when over 75 cm of snow were dumped on us in less than 2 weeks. This is how it felt. Many of us have taken to Twitter declaring surrender, and even declaring war on old man winter.

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Influencer Outreach Live from 2014 World Cup



If you have been following the Budweiser campaign (last 2 posts), you’ll know we sent some very happy lads (ahem..influencers) off to Brazil for a match at the FIFA World Cup (for a little outreach marketing) courtesy of our friends @Budweiser.

The task was very difficult as you can imagine – document the fan experience of the World Cup (ahem – go to a match, join the celebrations, enjoy the refreshments and snap pics for Instagram. Very tedious work as you can imagine.)

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Meet the first two BudweiserFC Strikers Going to the World Cup

budweiserLast week was a whirlwind kind of week for us here at InNetwork. We hit the ground running with our BudweiserFC Striker campaign. One of our most exciting campaigns to date. It was a challenge from the onset, because once we had finalized the campaign, we had 24 hours to turn things around – find our influencers, present them to Budweiser and line them up to fly to the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil! Needless to say, we were excited, and hustling to turn things around and….excited again.

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