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Top 10 Craft Bloggers For This Spring Season

TOP 10 Craft Bloggers

Out goes the cold weather and in comes spring sunshine and exciting holiday season!

It’s that time of year again where we pack away our skis, snowboards and snow boots to the far reaches of our basement. And as the snow begins to melt it’s time to make space for exciting spring crafts to help welcome the colourful season.

From Easter and St Patrick’s day to Mother and Father’s Day, the spring season brings us the opportunity for some of the best holiday decorating of the year. We have all been held back from a creative block, or have been haunted by failed Pinterest attempts. I’m here to encourage your creative juices again by connecting you with the best in the business!

Get ready for this to be your brightest spring yet with the help of these top 10 craft bloggers.

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Top 10 Fantasy Football Influencers to Follow

Football influencers

Well folks, it’s that time of year again. We are five Sundays deep and the NFL season is officially upon us with its highly anticipated imaginary friend… Fantasy Football.

202 million viewers in 2014 tuned in on Sunday nights to watch their favourite teams go head to head on the astroturf. Of this number, 56.8 million people are participating in the fantasy aspect of the sport.

Fantasy sports are a multibillion dollar online industry, with professional football being at the epicenter of it all. A whopping 30% of fantasy sports players here in Canada are within the millennial age grouping, showing us the effect of the industry’s reach to its target market on their preferred medium for media consumption (the internet).

Whether you’re already leading the league in points, or are new to the fantasy world, we’ve compiled this list of the top 10 fantasy football influencers to give you insight on players, educated league projections and updates, along with all things NFL.

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Top 10 Canadian Foods You Can’t Miss Out On


canadian food

Tomorrow marks the 148th birthday of the Great White North! As a Canuck, I plan to crawl out of my igloo on July 1st, put on my toque and take my sled dogs to a barbecue. Given that I don’t want to be the fifth person to bring moose meat and beer, I’ll have to find an alternative way to feed my friends in a patriotic manner.

It’s a-boot time these stereotypes were kicked, eh? While we’re proud to call hockey and Tim Hortons ours, we have plenty more to offer. Keeping Canada Day barbecues in mind, I’ve compiled a top ten list of our favourite Canadian foods to share with family and friends! From coast to coast. From West to East.


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Top 5 Daddy Blogs You Should Be Reading


Daddy Blogs

We’ve all heard of the term “mommy bloggers.” And if you haven’t, you must be living under a rock. Like, a big rock… There’s an army of them out there, ruling the world with their 4.2 million blogs.

But what about dads? Do they play a role online?

Dads have upped their game the past few years. There’s more to their online presence than just posts about their dad-bods (just to confirm, I wouldn’t complain if that was it). We see brands increasingly partner with daddy blogs to share the other half of the parenting story in an equally interesting way. Like teaching their kids to shave or throw a baseball, and chasing away the Boogie monster.

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Top 10 Golf Bloggers & Vloggers


TOP 10

If you were not aware of the abominable winter we had on the Canadian East coast, then it may surprise you to hear that I golfed in almost two hours of hail only three weeks ago… It was cold, but it was wonderful to get back on the golf course! With the weather getting better each day, golfers who didn’t migrate south for the winter are finally getting their clubs out of storage and are eager to get back on the fairway.

That’s why I’ve compiled a list of my ten favourite golf bloggers/vloggers that we’ve gathered for our database; five deservingly popular bloggers and five that have yet to be discovered by the masses. There’s no better group to prepare you for the season of fairways, bunkers, and birdies!

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