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8 Tips to Ensure Your Influencer Campaign Doesn’t Flop

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What would Don do?

The world of marketing is changing. Proper execution of an influencer campaign is as important today as branding, print advertisements, and the afternoon buzz were in the Mad Men era. An influencer campaign involving customer-to-customer relationships generates more than twice the conversions of paid advertisements. But, it only takes one overlooked aspect to flop your entire campaign.

Take note of these 8 tips to ensure success when executing an influencer campaign. And approach this ground-breaking style of marketing the way Don Draper handles a jaw-dropping presentation, very carefully.

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9 Ways to Become the Ideal Influencer for Marketers (Part 2)

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Influencer outreach is the idea that those who are actively connected and involved with a niche audience on any social networking platform are labeled as highly persuasive and influential towards their audience. The determination of an influencer’s power is based on an evaluation of their authenticity, credibility, audience engagement, audience size, subject matter expertise and the quality of their content. And brands love working with these all-stars.

There are thousands of people trying to build a strong presence online – trust me, we have vetted a lot of profiles for our database (and talked about it here in Part 1). It has become increasingly difficult to be that flamingo in a flock of pigeons.

So what makes a candidate ideal to engage with in a campaign or advocacy program?

Prepare to take the next step towards performing your presence, engaging with your audience, understanding the influencer outreach industry, and finally getting compensated doing what you truly have a passion for.

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4 Elements of Influencer Vetting (Part 1)

It’s safe to say that most of us have seen a TV show where every character is driving the exact same car or a commercial where a well-known face is endorsing a product they have clearly never used in real life. In many of these cases, marketers are just trying to gain maximum exposure, regardless of whether or not the fit is right. Enter: Vetted Influencers.

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How To: 6 Basic Steps to Manage Influencer Outreach Campaigns


On the surface, influencer outreach programs are relatively straightforward:

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Influencer Marketing’s Catch 22: Authenticity

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Authenticity is not just an influencer marketing buzzword, it’s the golden rule [tweet this]. Influencer’s whose popularity was built on their passions strive to keep their credibility and authenticity as they start to monetize their channels. Much like as Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat try to maintain balance and integrity while monetizing their platforms, influencers and consumers struggle too with this internal debate. Talk to any influencer who has made it big (my favourite example is Jerome Jarre)  about their early days and how tempting it can be to follow the pay check as big brands dangle large compensation budgets in front of them.

Why Content Marketers Look to Influencers

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