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Leah Murray
Leah is the Marketing Manager here at InNetwork and is passionate about building best-in-class marketing strategies. When she isn't busy researching new social media trends, you can usually find her browsing through Pinterest to plan her next backpacking trip or cooking up a new meal.

How To Increase Your Response Rate With Influencers

response rate with influencers

You’ve read our recent post on What is Influencer Marketing and saw the potential of doing an influencer campaign. And you have done your research on the dos and don’ts. You’ve even gone as far as to build a list of influencers that check off all the right boxes for your brand.

But now you’re stuck. You don’t know how to approach an influencer so they can’t help but say yes to partnering.

You aren’t the only one that had an epiphany about influencer marketing, tons of other brands are jumping on this opportunity. And it is obvious why when 61% of US consumers have made a purchase based on a blog post. So chances are, other brands may be reaching out to some of the same influencers as you. Or maybe they aren’t, but wouldn’t it be great to get to the cream of the crop of influencers before your competitors do? In either case, you don’t want your email (or whatever method of communication you choose) to get overlooked or deleted because it didn’t stand out.

So, now that you have found the ideal influencers, what do you do next?

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[INFOGRAPHIC] Are You An Ideal Influencer?

What do people look for in an influencer? How can I get noticed by marketers? We get these questions a lot, and usually, the answer is “it depends.” It depends on the industry, it depends on the brand. It depends on the specific campaign the marketer has in mind.

We wrote a blog post a few weeks ago about the most common criteria that marketers look for in their influencers (you can read it here). With the insight we gathered from marketers, I created the following flow chart. If you are looking to expand your influential status, ask yourself the following questions to see what you should learn a bit more about, or improve on.

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Top 5 Daddy Blogs You Should Be Reading


Daddy Blogs

We’ve all heard of the term “mommy bloggers.” And if you haven’t, you must be living under a rock. Like, a big rock… There’s an army of them out there, ruling the world with their 4.2 million blogs.

But what about dads? Do they play a role online?

Dads have upped their game the past few years. There’s more to their online presence than just posts about their dad-bods (just to confirm, I wouldn’t complain if that was it). We see brands increasingly partner with daddy blogs to share the other half of the parenting story in an equally interesting way. Like teaching their kids to shave or throw a baseball, and chasing away the Boogie monster.

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How Important is Your Influencer Marketing Campaign’s Project Brief?


campaign briefsWe get it. Working with influencers is exciting and new, and it’s hard to be patient when you know the campaign’s potential reach and amplification. But, just like you wouldn’t rush into buying a new house or planning your content strategy, you don’t want to rush into an influencer outreach campaign without carefully preparing a project brief.

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Blogger Outreach Campaigns – @Pampers, @Vitamix and @VitaCocoKids

Let’s face it – moms are superheroes. They’re doctors, counselors, chauffeurs, chefs, cheerleaders and teachers. Add blogger to that talent list and we’ve got ourselves an indestructible influencer for outreach campaigns.

And there are not just a handful of them. Nope. Mom bloggers make up a massive army of 4.2 million. No wonder brands are bending over backwards to work with them.

Let’s take a look at how @Pampers, @VitaCocoKids and @Vitamix tapped into the mom market within the past few months.

Vitamix Giveaway

Screen Shot 2013-08-02 at 10.06.18 AM

Not every giveaway on mom blogs has to do with Disney, formula or strollers – parents can get lucky too! Vitamix has teamed up with Hollie Schultz from Baby Gizmo for one of their outreach campaigns to give readers the chance to win a Vitamix z5200. If you aren’t familiar with this gadget, it is basically a blender – but on steroids. It’s got some serious power. Entry of this giveaway was easy; you just had to share in the comments what you would make with it. Too bad the winner has already been chosen!


Vita Coco Kids Giveaway

Screen Shot 2013-08-02 at 10.06.53 AM

Hydrating your kids can be a challenge in itself. Add the summer heat to the mix and you’re willing to give them just about anything if it means they’re getting some nutrients. Vita Coco has launched a new kid’s line, without the high sugar content that comes along with most children beverages. A few bloggers, including Marino Bambinos, teamed up with the brand to give readers a chance to try out this new drink. Submitting a comment on the reviewed blog post would leave you eligible to win this giveaway.

Pampers’ Share Your Love, Sleep & Play

Screen Shot 2013-08-02 at 10.07.30 AMYou can’t help but smile at babies; they have that special power on us. Whether your baby is sleeping, playing or just capturing your heart, Pampers wanted you to share these special moments. Pamper’s outreach campaign, Love, Sleep, & Play, can be seen promoted across many blogs, including Jenny Martin from Southern Savers.  Sharing your photos gave you the chance to be featured across Pamper’s social platforms and at the brand’s celebration event in NYC.


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