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Erin McKenna
Erin joined the InNetwork team in May 2015, a new graduate from Saint Francis Xavier University. As the Marketing Coordinator, she contributes to growing our uniquely vetted network of influencers. Erin applies her growing skills in visual communications towards the successful expression of InNetwork’s brand identity, as well as contributes to InNetwork’s online content.

Top 7 Creative Halloween Treats


Halloween treats

With Halloween fast approaching, party planners have been flocking to Pinterest looking to uncover creative, simple, and spooky snacks to serve their costume-clad guests. Bloggers themselves have not been slacking, preparing their recipes in time for the treat focused “holiday”. These bloggers have successfully managed to channel hyper-creativity and tastiness into their spooky and sweet snacks this Halloween season. We’ve uncovered our list of the top 7 simple-to-make and creative Halloween treats for you to impress guests with on this All Hallows Eve.

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Millennials: What Every Marketer Should Know


Tweet. Pin. Snap. Meme. Hashtag. Selfie. Follow

While we were watching Friends, drinking Pepsi Blue, and texting in T9 on our Motorola Razrs, these words were nearly non-existent. Hard to believe, right?

A lot has changed since then, including the large increase in spending power of the 15-38 age group, referred to as the Millennials. And by large, I’m referring to buyer power valued at over $3 trillion. Starting in 2017, the Millennials are collectively expected to spend more than $200 billion annually and $10 trillion in their lifetimes. Millennials are also considered to be extremely influential to the buying practices of older generations.

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How to: Influencer Marketing Guidelines for Pharma

pharma marketingThe Pharma industry has been working with new and different marketing styles since its inception, testing the limits and finding out what works. Known for their use of Pharmaceutical reps and TV advertising, they now enter the new age of “influencer marketing.”

As a highly regulated industry, Pharma has many more rules than most industries when it comes to marketing. For other industries, a brand chooses an influencer who has a substantial and authentic following, complements the brand’s identity, and also has a desired audience demographic that the brand aims to reach. With Pharma, that becomes more complicated.

Recently, Kim Kardashian spoke out about her morning sickness by featuring a brand name drug to treat the common pregnancy side-effect on her Instagram account. The post immediately received negative responses leaving the marketing world with many questions on approaching influencer marketing.

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8 Tips to Ensure Your Influencer Campaign Doesn’t Flop

Influencer Camapgin

What would Don do?

The world of marketing is changing. Proper execution of an influencer campaign is as important today as branding, print advertisements, and the afternoon buzz were in the Mad Men era. An influencer campaign involving customer-to-customer relationships generates more than twice the conversions of paid advertisements. But, it only takes one overlooked aspect to flop your entire campaign.

Take note of these 8 tips to ensure success when executing an influencer campaign. And approach this ground-breaking style of marketing the way Don Draper handles a jaw-dropping presentation, very carefully.

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9 Ways to Become the Ideal Influencer for Marketers (Part 2)

blog 2

Influencer outreach is the idea that those who are actively connected and involved with a niche audience on any social networking platform are labeled as highly persuasive and influential towards their audience. The determination of an influencer’s power is based on an evaluation of their authenticity, credibility, audience engagement, audience size, subject matter expertise and the quality of their content. And brands love working with these all-stars.

There are thousands of people trying to build a strong presence online – trust me, we have vetted a lot of profiles for our database (and talked about it here in Part 1). It has become increasingly difficult to be that flamingo in a flock of pigeons.

So what makes a candidate ideal to engage with in a campaign or advocacy program?

Prepare to take the next step towards performing your presence, engaging with your audience, understanding the influencer outreach industry, and finally getting compensated doing what you truly have a passion for.

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