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Chris Keevill
After graduating with an MBA from Ivey, Keevill started right away in digital marketing. He has been President of New North Media a joint venture with Bell Canada, COO at FloNetwork sold to DoubleClick, and President of Aliant Broadband. He is currently CEO at full-service agency, Colour. As co-founder and CEO of InNetwork, he is driving value creation for marketers, influencers and investors.

How To Set Up An Influencer Marketing Campaign

influencer marketing
Our mind is like a sponge. We take in bits from every conversation, online and offline, to help form opinions and guide our purchasing decisions.

Some people hold a higher place of influence so when we are faced with a purchasing decision, we turn to these influencers to guide us. And brands are beginning to pick up on this as a marketing avenue.

If executed properly, an influencer marketing campaign can have a positive and powerful affect on a brand. But in order for all the pieces of the campaign to fall in place, it needs to be executed properly, and the first step is setting it up for success.

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Top 10 Craft Bloggers For This Spring Season

TOP 10 Craft Bloggers

Out goes the cold weather and in comes spring sunshine and exciting holiday season!

It’s that time of year again where we pack away our skis, snowboards and snow boots to the far reaches of our basement. And as the snow begins to melt it’s time to make space for exciting spring crafts to help welcome the colourful season.

From Easter and St Patrick’s day to Mother and Father’s Day, the spring season brings us the opportunity for some of the best holiday decorating of the year. We have all been held back from a creative block, or have been haunted by failed Pinterest attempts. I’m here to encourage your creative juices again by connecting you with the best in the business!

Get ready for this to be your brightest spring yet with the help of these top 10 craft bloggers.

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Why Should You Include Influencer Outreach in Your Marketing Mix?


Why should you include influencer outreach in your marketing mix? Because I Love Lucy!

Actually I don’t love Lucy or even know anybody named Lucy. I do know that in 1952, 67% of US households watched the TV show I Love Lucy every Sunday night at 7PM. And that little fact has everything to do with integrating influencer outreach into your marketing mix, for three important reasons.

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InNetwork Board Chair: Gerry Pond

Gerry Pond

After an interview featuring him in Canadian Business this month, and after being named the inaugural BDC Entrepreneurship Champion in March 2015, it’s about time that we take some time to talk about Gerry Pond, ICT legend, entrepreneurship and community leader, and Chair of InNetwork’s Board of Directors.

As Gerry explains to James Cowan of CB, he grew up in the Information and Communications Technology sector working at NBTel and has learned to recognize the evolution of technology. When it became very clear that social media was going to change the direction of communications, he and his Mariner Partners become founding investors in Radian6, a social media monitoring platform that sold to Salesforce in 2011 for $326 million. Around the same time he sold Q1 Labs, and Internet security firm to IBM for something like $800 million (unconfirmed).

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Influencer Marketing Reaches Primetime with Budweiser & FIFA 2014

photo credit: Celso Flores via photopin cc

photo credit: Celso Flores via photopin cc

It’s the Holy Grail in influencer marketing – a big brand like Budweiser, Sponsor of the 2014 FIFA World Cup, is sending influencers to the biggest event in the world this summer.

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