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Top 10 Canadian Foods You Can’t Miss Out On


canadian food

Tomorrow marks the 148th birthday of the Great White North! As a Canuck, I plan to crawl out of my igloo on July 1st, put on my toque and take my sled dogs to a barbecue. Given that I don’t want to be the fifth person to bring moose meat and beer, I’ll have to find an alternative way to feed my friends in a patriotic manner.

It’s a-boot time these stereotypes were kicked, eh? While we’re proud to call hockey and Tim Hortons ours, we have plenty more to offer. Keeping Canada Day barbecues in mind, I’ve compiled a top ten list of our favourite Canadian foods to share with family and friends! From coast to coast. From West to East.


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15 Impressive Influencer Resources [INFOGRAPHIC]

Social media strategies generally consist of both curating and creating content. The pieces that get the most clicks, comments and shares are often your original pieces. But creating compelling and unique content is easier said than done, for both influencers and marketers. Whether you need help generating content ideas, facing writer’s block, wanting to optimize your blog’s SEO or track previous analytics, look no further. I’ve compiled a handful of tools that I have found useful in getting my blog posts across the finish line.

What is your favourite blogging tool and why do you like it? Please share in our comment section below.

*All links can be found below.

15 Impressive Influencer Resources

1. Portent’s Title Generator

2. Hootsuite

3. Moz SEO Management

4. WordPress Digg Digg

5. Canva

6. Hello Bar

7. Hemingway

8. Grammarly

9. Ommwriter

10. gShift Labs

11. Crazy Egg

12. Google Analytics

13. Similar Web

14. Internet Marketing Ninjas

15. Moz Fresh Web

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[INFOGRAPHIC] Are You An Ideal Influencer?

What do people look for in an influencer? How can I get noticed by marketers? We get these questions a lot, and usually, the answer is “it depends.” It depends on the industry, it depends on the brand. It depends on the specific campaign the marketer has in mind.

We wrote a blog post a few weeks ago about the most common criteria that marketers look for in their influencers (you can read it here). With the insight we gathered from marketers, I created the following flow chart. If you are looking to expand your influential status, ask yourself the following questions to see what you should learn a bit more about, or improve on.

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Why Should You Include Influencer Outreach in Your Marketing Mix?


Why should you include influencer outreach in your marketing mix? Because I Love Lucy!

Actually I don’t love Lucy or even know anybody named Lucy. I do know that in 1952, 67% of US households watched the TV show I Love Lucy every Sunday night at 7PM. And that little fact has everything to do with integrating influencer outreach into your marketing mix, for three important reasons.

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Top 5 Daddy Blogs You Should Be Reading


Daddy Blogs

We’ve all heard of the term “mommy bloggers.” And if you haven’t, you must be living under a rock. Like, a big rock… There’s an army of them out there, ruling the world with their 4.2 million blogs.

But what about dads? Do they play a role online?

Dads have upped their game the past few years. There’s more to their online presence than just posts about their dad-bods (just to confirm, I wouldn’t complain if that was it). We see brands increasingly partner with daddy blogs to share the other half of the parenting story in an equally interesting way. Like teaching their kids to shave or throw a baseball, and chasing away the Boogie monster.

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