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InNetwork Board Chair: Gerry Pond

Gerry Pond

After an interview featuring him in Canadian Business this month, and after being named the inaugural BDC Entrepreneurship Champion in March 2015, it’s about time that we take some time to talk about Gerry Pond, ICT legend, entrepreneurship and community leader, and Chair of InNetwork’s Board of Directors.

As Gerry explains to James Cowan of CB, he grew up in the Information and Communications Technology sector working at NBTel and has learned to recognize the evolution of technology. When it became very clear that social media was going to change the direction of communications, he and his Mariner Partners become founding investors in Radian6, a social media monitoring platform that sold to Salesforce in 2011 for $326 million. Around the same time he sold Q1 Labs, and Internet security firm to IBM for something like $800 million (unconfirmed).

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