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Today, we launch a new series of interviews called ‘The Truth Series’. The power has shifted to the consumer… this is old news. We are seeing more and more brands adopting a ‘truth strategy’. This has been very successful for brands like McDonalds and their ‘Our Food. Your Questions‘ campaign and Dominos with their ‘Dominos Pizza Turnaround‘ campaign. And now, we are seeing more fast food brands join them: A&W recently release a series of truth stories about their eggs and beef.

Brands telling the truth is now the definition of successful marketing. Marketers can now feel safe telling their whole truth. This is what your consumers want.

From our CEO Chris Keevill – “In the days of “I Love Lucy”, brands were built in a three channel universe on a device that everyone trusted through a voice that everyone believed. Todays consumer is beyond cynical to the point where word of mouth marketing is the most trusted. And so, we are all looking to spread our story through people we trust and who are trusted by their followers. The epic question though is….If we pay them to spread our story and help sell our product, wont people stop trusting? Won’t we reinvent yet another push channel? Won’t this turn into another SPAM? 

The answer lies in how we trust the people we engage as outreach partners and how we trust our customers. If we allow open conversation, where our claims can be challenged, refuted and even rejected then consumers will reward us with respect. Respect is the new social currency that brands need to seek out on social. Brands need to stop managing the message. PR and Ad people need to hand over the keys to their outreach partners (influencers) and to their customers to tell and share their stories.”

In ‘The Truth Series’ we will interview Outreach Partners, Marketing and PR folks, and Thought Leaders (Let’s not call them ‘Truth Guru’s”) about their views on telling the truth and what comes along with this. To start off, I’d like to introduce Olfa Turki. Olfa is the owner of Our Family World, an awesome website dedicated to help families manage day to day life. Sharing tips on how to ease your budget, how to have fun with your kids and how to make each day a great one. We chose to start with Olfa because she is an excellent example of a ‘trusted outreach partner’. Our experience in working with her is that she is extremely professional and her audience loves her blogs.Olfa also runs two other blogs, My Kids Guide and Dog Vills. Check them out when you have a minute!

India: “Describe your passion in blogging”

Olfa: “My passion in blogging is the ability to use my reach to encourage families to make healthier choices – whether it’s to help Moms prepare an easy and healthy recipe, sharing tips on preventing bullying or how to save money, it feels great to know that our posts can help make a difference in the lives of others. This is my true passion for blogging – sharing what I know with others and getting their feedback. We try to make everybody’s life easier. Everyone is busy – that’s why I like my recipes, they don’t usually have more than 5 ingredients, they take about 30 minutes to prepare, they’re for families on the go”

India: “Newspapers have editorial departments who write content and ad sales who deal with brands and marketers – you have to do both…is that tricky?”

Olfa: “It is tricky . Because I have a background in accounting (I’m a chartered accountant), it taught me to be very, very organized. I schedule my day by the hour, everyday I follow a schedule. It’s hard to be everybody and do everything at once. I have a team that helps me on all fronts, but it still gets tricky. I write less and less so that I can concentrate on my brand connections and interactions.

I travel a lot to conferences to get to know brands and to learn about new tools.This means I’m less on the editorial side. I try to be hands on – I know everything that is going on, but not in great detail. I help as much as I can with the day-to-day and the editorial calendar. With 3 blogs I can’t be everywhere all the time – It’s a lot of work.”

India: “We believe that Outreach Marketing presents an opportunity for brands to be more transparent in their communications with customers and customers get access to less biased…or unbiased third part point of view…this what we have talked about as “The Truth Opportunity”… here is the rub though: we often hear “but if I pay them is it still unbiased and still the truth?” How have you dealt with this?”

Olfa: “First, we let our readers know that while a post may be sponsored, we share our honest opinions. We’ve had reviews point out the negative as well as the positives. I have a team of writers, so one of them will do the review. They have no financial ties or relationship with the company. We can say to them ‘here is the product or the service – let me know you’re opinion’.

I do not like publishing the negative reviews because I don’t want to hurt the brand. Sometimes the brand is not aware. I remember one review, there was a toy that was meant for a 3 year old and we gave it to one of our writers who had a 3 year old at home. She said that her child wasn’t able to do a lot of the things the toy was supposed to do, so we let the brand know and they were happy to hear that. They ended up making improvements to it.

We publish our honest opinion, I consider us to be similar to a focus group. Our power is letting the the readers know what is going on in the market, the new products, how you can use them, how you can play with them – I feel that this is our mission.”

A big Thanks! to Olfa! Our next issue of ‘The Truth Series’ will be with a Digital Strategy Planner from sunny California!

What are your thoughts on sharing your brands truth? Let me know in the comments below!


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  • I think it's wonderful. Transparency is always best. It builds trust and a following. I aim to be as truthful as possible always.

  • My blog is all about truth! In fact, it's part if the name! Without honesty with your readers, you have nothing,

  • Love this! I tell clients this sort of thing all the time. You don't have to "try" so hard – just find your core and share it, consistently. You have to have a quality product, of course… can't get away with peddling crap anymore. Good riddance!

  • I am super cynical about brands. My first thought reading this was that brands will go bankrupt if the truth of their products gets out. But I know there are good brands out there and we need to be able to recognize which ones they are.

  • I agree.. in today's society, world of mouth is the most trusted form of advertising! Our Family World is so cute!

  • I didn't realize you had such a large team. I'm also quite envious of the fact you're so organized that you scheduule your day to the fullest.

    • I was also impressed! – I find it hard to keep to a weekly schedule, let alone down to the hour! Thanks for commenting!

  • Very, very interesting. I like the way you treat sponsored posts and have been wondering how to do that as well (in terms of pointing out the negatives and keeping it honest). Thank you for sharing, this is very helpful!

  • I agree, that ‘Dominos Pizza Turnaround‘ campaign was a success – made me listen. I don't like posting bad reviews either. I posted my honest thoughts on a health-food brands pudding before (it was really nasty, sorry to say) and they stumbled upon my post and sent me coupons to try out some of their other products. That was cool because it showed a company cared about reaching out to their consumers instead of arguing with them about why the pudding tastes good.

    • That's a great example of a company doing it 'right'. If they hadn't let you know that they care, you may have had a different opinion about them

  • I found it very logical that Brands are now starting to campaign on truth. I'm pretty sure it's due to consumers being lied to for decades, and product label reading though. Movies like Food, Inc. helped so many people see the behind the scenes of what they're really putting into their bodies…I'm loving it.

  • I can't wait to read more of this series. Kind of afraid to learn more too. I do know, at least out here Domino's recently gifted me a free exact order after they were late.

  • I am reminded of a product review where I published that the packaging needs improvement because it was spilled when i received it. The PR asked me to take it down because apparently, the shampoo recently had new packaging makeover and that she will verbally pass on my comment.

    I hope she did because only when we tell the truth that barnds and services can improve thus strengthen their presence on the market

  • This sounds like it's going to be an exciting series. Looking forward to reading more.

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