Meet the first two BudweiserFC Strikers Going to the World Cup

budweiserLast week was a whirlwind kind of week for us here at InNetwork. We hit the ground running with our BudweiserFC Striker campaign. One of our most exciting campaigns to date. It was a challenge from the onset, because once we had finalized the campaign, we had 24 hours to turn things around – find our influencers, present them to Budweiser and line them up to fly to the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil! Needless to say, we were excited, and hustling to turn things around and….excited again.

The great thing about working with Outreach partners who love what they do and do it for the pure joy of it…they’re often excited and pretty amazed when they find out they are going to be rewarded for it. As we said in last week’s post, the BudweiserFC Striker Campaign is an amazing opportunity for anyone who lives and breaths football. A trip to Brazil, swank digs at the “Budweiser Hotel”, tickets to a match…and the opportunity to join the festivities.

Let me tell you, we couldn’t have chosen two more excited ‘Football Fanatics’ to champion our cause.

Meet our first two reps – David Vujanic & Poet – hosts of ‘Comments Below’ on Copa90 on Youtube. Check them out here.


Youtube: The Vujanic

Twitter: TheVujanic

Instagram: thevujanic

Twitter: Poets Corner

Instagram: poetscorneruk

And check out the video when India from the InNetwork Team got to give them the SUPER exciting news! We have some very funny and happy lads – Can’t wait to follow them on their trip of a life time and we hope you will too.


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