How To Search For Influencers: 4 Tips To Make It More Efficient

Finding and building a list of influencers can be a very tedious and challenging task. A successful search is based around how well you can target the type of person you are searching for and what strategies you are using.

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Generally, the only types of influencers that willingly gather and create their own networks are mom bloggers. If you enter a Google search for moms in any state or province, you will probably find a website or directory of reputable and region specific mom blogger “networks” or “circles”. For other types of influencers – this is not the case. Searching for people who are influential on the topic of sports, travel, health, or technology is not as easy and will require more digging. While working at InNetwork for my co-op term as an influencer analyst, I have come up with many strategies to begin building a great list of influencers – whatever the target category, audience, or region is. Here are my top 4 tips to start building an ideal list of influencers:

1. Start with a general Google search

Always begin your search by writing: “top [topic or category] bloggers [location]”. You should see many results showing lists of top bloggers and experts that have been compiled by journalists and fellow bloggers. Make sure you sift through a few of these articles and check out each blogger’s profile. After looking through a few lists, you should have a clear idea of what your ideal influencer will look like.

  • A search for technology influencers in the United States could be formatted as “top tech bloggers usa” or “top technology bloggers usa”. Play around with your wording a little bit to see how your results will vary!
  • To search for fashion bloggers specifically in California, I would begin  by typing “top fashion bloggers california”, which will come up with the following results :

top blog search for influencers

2. Search for individual blog pages

Another good way to find relevant blogs is to type “blog home pages for _____” on Google for whichever topic or category you are interested in. Each search result will come up as a link to an individual blog home page. So far, I have found some great niche and hard-to-find influencers by using this technique!

  • A search for environment bloggers could be formatted as “blog home pages for environment”, “blog home pages for sustainability”, or “blog home pages for environmental sustainability”. You can get very specific with your choice of keywords  in this search technique.
  • To search for blogs specifically related to the outdoors and hiking, I would type “blog home pages for hiking”, which will come up with the following results :

search for influencers blog home

3. Search for Twitter influencers

If you are looking for people specifically influential on Twitter, then this will definitely be a favourite. In the Google search bar, type: allintitle: (top OR popular OR influential) ___ “to follow on Twitter” for whichever topic or category you are searching for. This search tool has been very helpful in finding lists of relevant people that have already been identified as influencers. My experience with this search technique is to avoid being too specific. For example, if I were searching for health influencers, I would type “health” or “healthcare” as the keyword, rather than “health experts”.

  • To search for influencers related to health, I would type ” allintitle: (top OR popular OR influential) health “to follow on Twitter” “, which will come up with the following results :

search for influencers twitter

4. Search through blog rolls

Hopefully after using a combination of the above steps, you will begin to have a great list of ideal influencers. Checking out your ideal influencer’s “blog roll” or “friends” section of their blog is extremely valuable.

  • A great example of a valuable blog roll can be found on “The Dapper Dude”, which is a men’s fashion and lifestyle blog:

Screen shot 2014-03-12 at 1.29.53 PM Screen shot 2014-03-12 at 1.26.44 PM

The author’s blog roll provides links that are similar to his blog, which is great because this type of influencer can be hard to find. If you have found your ideal influencer, chances are that the blogs they recommend and endorse will also be ideal- which is definitely not something to overlook.

I hope some of these tips help you to search and build lists of your ideal influencers. Do you have any other tips that work well in your search for influencers? Let me know in the comments!

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