Social Media Campaigns: Examples from @7eleven, @Visa & @BenJerrysTruck

Summer is here! Time to enjoy the sunshine, the beaches, the patios, & the hot social media campaigns! Summertime themed campaigns have prime opportunities to be social and build on consumer summer activities. Whether it is summertime travel and beach vacations or beating the heat with cool treats and tropical drinks, summertime is the perfect time for brands to get social! This week’s social media examples will look at some hot summertime themed campaigns launched throughout the best season of the year!

7-Eleven’s ‘AweSummer’


This summer, using the hashtag #Awesummer, 7-Eleven corner stores are sharing specials on food and treats all summer long. Beginning the Memorial Day holiday in the US, 7-Eleven kicked off their summertime campaign by tweeting their .49¢ Slurpee deal. The following week, they offered followers a link to an app for a free Snapple Ice Tea. The campaign promises to share food specials available at 7-Eleven stores with their followers all summer long. Of course, consumers are also encouraged to share their treat purchases using the #AweSummer hashtag, generating a ton of twitter buzz for the weekly summertime specials.

Visa’s ‘Memory Mapper’

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Last year Visa worked their way into summertime travellers’ plans through their Facebook app ‘Memory Mapper’. The app allowed travellers to upload their photos, videos and captions of their holiday destinations, creating a digital memory of their vacation. The app also used Google Maps to give consumers the ability to plot out their memories, creating a ton of user-generated content, all branded with Visa logos. Participants could also share their ‘Memory Maps’ with friends and family through Facebook. Visa also sweetened the deal by offering participants the chance to win a $100,000 vacation.

Ben & Jerry’s ‘#OMGFreeBenJerry’s’

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And what would summer be without ice cream? Beginning in the summer of 2011 and continuing this year, Ben & Jerry’s took their ice cream delivery truck to twitter and gave their followers the opportunity to receive a free ice cream delivery by tweeting the location of where they would like the truck to visit along with the hashtag #OMGFreeBenJerrys. Opened to consumers in 5 cities throughout the US, the campaign created user-generated buzz about the newest Ben & Jerry’s flavours, such as a video-montage created by a student at the Miami Ad School, as well as garnered international attention and recognition for the popular Ben & Jerry’s ice cream trucks.

What summertime social media campaigns are you seeing popping up this summer? Share them on our Facebook page or tweet us @InNetworkInc. And leave us your comments on what kind of social media campaigns you would like to see covered in our future round-up posts- we would love to know.

Now get out there and enjoy the sunshine! :)

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