Social Media Outreach: Examples From Michael Kors, Louis Vuitton & JC Penney

The fashion industry is alive and well on social media and the digital marketing scene. With dynamic designs by a creative culture, the fashion industry uses social media outreach to share visually stunning images with an energetic audience eager to receive them.

This week we look at some of the creative social media outreach campaigns launched by brands in the fashion industry and the ways these campaigns used different tactics to engage with their audiences.

Michael Kors’ #MKTimeless

social media outreach

Last fall, Michael Kors reached out to 100 fashion bloggers for the launch of their Paris Limited Edition Runway Watch and #MKTimeless social media outreach campaign. The campaign asked fashion bloggers to write about how they would style their Micheal Kors watch. In exchange, bloggers were sent sunglasses, access to promotional material & the chance to win a Paris watch if their post generated the most social shares. Using the hashtag #MKTimeless, bloggers were encouraged to share their individual designs through Instagram and twitter.

The campaign encouraged creativity in audience-generated content with a group who would then share their designs with each of their individual social media audiences through a variety of social networks, thus hugely expanding the brands reach beyond their own community.

Louis Vuitton’s Valentine’s Day Poems

social media outreach

The typically sophisticated luxury brand showed a social side this past Valentine’s Day by sharing love inspired tweets and poems to, from and about their Mini Icons handbag collection and new men’s accessory line. Using  hashtags #MiniMonAmour, #GallantLove and #LVLove, the @LouisVuitton twitter tweeted adorable love poems like this gem:

social media outreach

The campaign was done well, launched along side the Valentine’s Day celebration, using visually engaging images throughout, and showing some brand personality to their community.

JC Penney’s #jcpListens

social media outreach

Personally, I think this one is the best. JC Penney is doing something truly unique and amazing – they are listening. Not talking, not promoting, not offering, just listening & responding. AMAZING! The #jcpListens campaign comes after months of controversy following CEO Ron Johnson’s decision to eliminate the use of coupons and sale days in favour of ‘everyday low prices’ (lame). The campaign is offering an apology to customers and hoping to get feedback about new changes coming, including the possible re-introduction of coupons and sales.

But this, for me, is not what makes the campaign so mind-blowing. What does, is that the company, so far, is actually doing it. Although the campaign just launched this week, the #jcpListens stream is alive and well with customer feedback- both positive and negative- and timely responses to much of it. The @jcpenney account even sounds human, and is actively letting customers know when they are available to respond with tweets like this one:

Bravo @jcpenney. Instead of burying their head in the sand in the face of controversy (like many brands have and do), the company has opened themselves up and made themselves more accessible to their customers. Let’s hope they keep it up.

Last week we really appreciated your tweets about your favourite social media outreach campaigns (we even used one of them in this post) so keep them coming @innetworkinc or talk to @danielghebert or @kellyjenne.

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