Social Media Outreach: Examples From @VaselineBrand, @Sephora & @LOrealParisCAN

The past two weeks we’ve been taking a look at some great social media outreach campaigns by big brands like Molson, Sharpie, Wendy’s & Boston Pizza. Each campaign has employed different social media outreach techniques to engage with their audiences, some more successfully than others.

One industry that has been able to capitalize on an already social audience with a creative and unique culture, is the beauty industry. With many active beauty bloggers & enthusiasts who were already employing social media to share tips and tricks, brands in the beauty industry are finding tremendous opportunities for great social media outreach campaigns.

Vaseline’s ‘Spray & Go’ launch

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Vaseline is one brand that has been utilizing the power of blogger outreach to it’s full capacity. In announcing their new line of products- the Vaseline Spray & Go line– the brand offered bloggers the opportunity to host product giveaways via their sites. To encourage more social shares, entries are increased according to the number of tweets sent out about the giveaway, this way encouraging followers to not only share the brand, but also drive traffic to blogs.

Sephora’s ’15 Days of Beauty Thrills’

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Sephora has been ruling the digital beauty realm with unique campaigns that are really catching the attention of their audience. The ’15 Days of Beauty Thrills’ was just one of their recent popular Facebook campaigns. Launching last year, Sephora’s Facebook community was treated to daily ‘mini’ & ‘big’ thrills; giveaways that ranged from eyeliner to Fiat’s with Gucci interior. The campaign not only sought to increase Facebook likes by offering the prizes exclusively to their Facebook fans, but to drive sales by pairing each mini thrill with the purchase of any online order over $25. The brand saw 6 times it’s normal growth to it’s Facebook page, according to Mashable. And since the campaign has ended, Sephora has continued to engage its swollen Facebook presence through weekly giveaways and by facilitating beauty forums as a place for discussion, advice & beauty tips.

L’Oreal’s ‘Turn It Up’

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Last year L’Oreal paired up Pinterest and Facebook for the launch of its ‘Turn it Up’ campaign. The campaign encouraged women to ‘tribe’ up with other women according to hair colour- blonde, brunette or red- and define their hair personality. The campaign recruited Hair Tribe Ambassadors who started conversations around their shade of colour via their blogs and then encouraged fans to continue the conversations on Facebook & Pinterest. The goal of the campaign was to increase the buzz around L’Oreal’s Healthy Look Cream by creating highly shareable content & encouraging audience participation.

The beauty industry is one industry who has seen relative ease in engaging with an already active and social audience and campaigns designed from this industry are reflective of the creativity within it.

What other social media outreach campaigns have come out of the beauty industry? Influencers, have you ever worked on one of these campaigns? Share them with us! You can follow us on twitter @InNetworkinc  or on Facebook where we discuss other topics in social media outreach and influencer marketing.

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