Social Media Outreach: Examples From Molson, Sharpie & Ford

Social media outreach campaigns and influencer marketing is quickly becoming a huge trend in digital marketing.  According to this year’s Technorati Digital Influence Report, in North America, spending on social media and influencer marketing is at an estimated $240 million, making up about 6% of brand’s social media marketing budget. As this number continues to grow, more brands are finding new ways of moving into the social and engaging with their consumers. While some brands struggle to find and resonate with their target audiences, others are successfully connecting with consumers and new fans. The following looks at some of the most creative and unique social media outreach examples launched recently by major brands.

Molson’s ‘What’s Your Story’social media campaign

Molson Canadian tapped into Canadian patriotism & brand story telling by asking their social media followers to show them how they left their mark as Canadians. Using photos, tweets & comments, followers could submit their stories to Molson and have the chance to win a trip to Ireland. The campaign tied in nicely to Molson’s latest television ad. In the theme of ‘So what happens when Canadian’s get together?‘, the brand used the flurry of stories about Crazy Canucks that they had received via their social media communities to further promote the TV campaign.

Sharpie’s ‘Back to School’social media campaign

Stop me if you’ve heard this one.  Probably my favourite case study because it was so simple but resonating.  Sharpie’s ‘Back to School’  campaign sought to engage with a teenage audience who were making a stop to pick up school supplies on their way back to class. The right time, the right audience and the right social networks, made this campaign a huge success.  Frequently, posting colourful & bold Sharpie drawn images to their Facebook and Instagram accounts, Sharpie capitalized on the teen market by being visually engaging and eye catching. Then they sweetened the deal by encouraging fan participation through contests and promotions, inviting teens to submit their original content.

Ford’s ‘Fiesta Movement’social media outreach

Ford is directly targeting ‘social influencers’ in their latest Fiesta campaign.  Asking social media junkies to submit video submissions explaining why they would be an ideal ‘Fiesta Agent’. In return, ‘agents’ get to drive the new 2014 Ford Fiesta before it hits the market with all expenses (like gas and insurance) paid. This is the third Fiesta influencer campaign Ford has launched.  Ford is tapping into the social media influencer market by asking influencers to come to them, then vetting them based on the creativity of their videos and assuming so,size and reach of their social media audience.

There are a ton of examples of brands and businesses doing social media outreach and influencer marketing- doing it good & doing it bad. What other examples have you come across & what did you think of the campaign? Was it a success or a flop?

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