The Importance of Influencer Audience Data in Outreach Campaigns

influencer audience dataEveryone knows the importance of demographic and psychographic audience measurement for radio, television, print media and digital marketing.  Companies like Neilson, known for television and radio audience data, and comScore a leading company in digital audience demographics, have shown how audience metrics can be used to judge and influence consumer behavior and purchasing.  But now, hand in hand with the growing use of social media, is a growing audience which industry leaders have not measured – what about the influencer audience?

The Influencer Audience

When I say ‘influencer audience’ I am talking about the group of social media users that social media influencers are communicating to.  There are currently some methods that have been created to measure the level of engagement between influencers and their audience.  These are methods like  Klout, Kred or PeerIndex.  These methods mostly suggest scores to represent the level of influence or engagement between people.  But none of these provide any in-depth demographic data for these audiences- they don’t tell us for example, who these people are or where they come from.  They are in no way similar to that measured by Neilson for television or comScore for websites.

Despite this, the importance of audience measurement and data for influencer marketing is the same as that to television, radio or digital marketing.  This data is key to matching the message, the product, service or brand, to the correct audience, in hopes of influencing consumer behavior within that audience.

Influencer Audience Data & Outreach Campaigns

In the video below, I talk more about the importance of influencer audience data and how it is key for marketers to correctly identify and engage with their target audience.  I then talk about how InNetwork connects audience data for marketers and brands doing social media outreach campaigns, creating more efficient and successful campaigns.

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