IABC Toronto, Successful Social Media: Event Review

A sold-out crowd of communicators gathered downtown at the Hilton Toronto Hotel on the evening of September 20th for the first PD session of the year, Successful Social Media. The event was a ‘success’ in every sense of the word – more than100 attendees had the chance to hear a compelling presentation by Duri Alajrami, digital expert and President of ColourSocial.

Social Media TorontoOver his 15-year career, Alajrami has been involved in groundbreaking work in social and digital media, including the Tassimo Twitter campaign. He has a deep understanding of the social media landscape and how brands can use it to engage successfully with their consumers. His experience working with brands such as Unilever, Kraft, Motorola, American Express, Samsung, Nestle, IBM, HSBC, Coca Cola, Pepsi, and more was brought to life throughout his entire presentation.

Alajrami walked attendees through numerous case studies and revealed some of the methodology behind his success. He demonstrated how important it is for brands to know their audience when trying to connect with consumers, emphasizing the importance of being transparent at all times when engaging with social media savvy consumers. It’s no longer an option to be genuine, it’s necessary. He also spoke about how taking risks can bring rewards – but stressed that you always have to listen to the audience.

Attendees of the session left with valuable advice on how to build and execute a memorable social media campaign:

  • Listen: Before building a strategy, listen to what the audience is talking about and consider how you can fit into the conversation
  • Be relevant: The single most important word in social media marketing – how relevant are you to your audience?
  • Keep it real: In every viral phenomenon there have been three main components:
    • Credible, genuine advocates
    • Unique content that is fresh and relevant
    • An experience that gets people excited

The session ended with a robust Q&A with Alajrami, followed by a draw of his favourite books on social media donated by APEX Public Relations. Two lucky attendees walked away with copies of Unmarketing by Scott Stratten and The New Rules of Marketing and PR by David Meerman Scott.

A big thanks to all the IABC members and communication/PR professionals who came out to the first PD event and helped kick off the year with a bang! A big thanks as well to Duri Alajrami for sharing his insights and knowledge on Successful Social Media. Last, thanks to the Hilton for a warm and welcoming environment that fostered networking, and for the great spread!

*This article first appeared on IABC/Toronto*

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