Running influencer marketing campaigns should be fun and easy. That's why we have made software to help you:

Find the best influencers for your marketing
Manage marketing campaigns froms start to finish on one platform
Streamlined collaborations between creative and brand teams
Quickly identify influencers
InNetwork Platform
Social Data

Say hello to the new social contract.

Customers are now in control of marketing and marketers who embrace this change are winning. Respect their power! Creating great content to share on social is the catalyst that allows your ideas to pull customers in. Social influencers offer fresh perspectives and amplify your ideas!

Quickly identify influencers

Stop thumbing through thousands of search results and find the influencers and audiences that matter

Search by influencer profile or audience demographic. Our vetted network is assisted by the "human algorithm" which means our eyes are on every influencer. Search "off-network" to discover new influencers, upload their handle and let InNetwork populate their social profile. This way, InNetwork always grows with the help of it's users.

Find the best influencers for your marketing

The best influencer campaigns start with strong influencer relationships

Notifications provide a soft touchpoint to start engaging; influencers are automatically notified when you add them to a roster. Keep tabs on influencer activity across all networks in real time. Send messages to influencers directly from the platform and keep all your communications and activity records in one central location.

Manage marketing campaigns froms start to finish on one platform

Manage your campaigns from start-to-finish on one platform

InNetwork's workflow walks you through each stage of your influencer campaigns from strategy, influencer identification, pitching & briefing, tracking & measuring, and mainting strong influencer relationships between campaigns.

Streamlined collaborations between creative and brand teams

Streamlined collaboration between teams keeps focus on the content

Gain an enterprise view of your social partners across multiple brands, multiple rosters, and across geographies. Adhere to a common playbook, streamlined approval process thanks to permission settings and private notes, and put all the data, activity records and measurement in one place on one platform for easy progress tracking and reporting.

Use social data to determine who reaches your target market

Use social data to find your customers and to measure results

Like all other forms of media, you need to have the data! InNetwork automatically aggregates all the social profile data, demographics, and geography on influencers and their audience. Bring the focus back to the customer, not the channel. Build a comprehensive social map... Just upload your list into InNetwork! Measure the outcomes of your campaign. Prepare detailed reports that can be shared. Learn from the program. Rinse. Repeat.

Report on real engagement metrics

Influencer Analytics and Reporting

One of the biggest challenges with influencer marketing is the lack of tracking and data. With our onsite and offsite tracking, you will also be able to gain insights into how all content is performing in search and the impact each channel and influencer is truly having on the campaign. Activate this data to adapt the campaign based on results and measure your influencer marketing ROI.

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